T-Land resort, a far away place where the masses haven’t flocked to yet. The wave right out front, T-Land reels off in-front of a small village named Nemberala, t’s this same village where your paradise awaits.

The resort is set up perfectly for your friends and family, a large pool, thatched hut bungalows, two waves directly out front with a fast boat moored directly out in the waters from of the resort to be out there as soon as you see it turn on.

Transport to the waves, three meals a day, coffee, tea & mineral water are all included in the package so once you’ve arrived there is no more to spend other than alcoholic & soft drinks from the bar.

T-Land is truly a place to relax, spend quality time with your friends and family, surf, watch the sunsets & have everything done for you so you don’t have to think in your well earned time out from the real world.






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all inclusive

Price (per surfer in AUD)

  • 7 Day / 6 Night Trip – $1,327 (twin share)
  • 7 Day / 6 Night Trip – $1,934 (private room)
  • 11 Day / 10 Night trip- $2,212 (twin share)
  • 11 Day / 10 Night trip- $3,223 (private room)
  • 2-11yo Child Sharing with parents- $101 (per night)

Couples Package (price per couple in AUD)

  • 7 Day / 6 Night Trip – $2,540 (Cpl with 1 non surfing partner)
  • 7 Day / 6 Night Trip – $2,654 (Cpl with both surfing partners)
  • 11 Day / 10 Night trip- $4,234 (Cpl with 1 non surfing partner)
  • 11 Day / 10 Night trip- $4,424 (Cpl with both surfing partners)


The Package Includes:

  • Transportation to the port of Baá
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Unlimited surf transfer to local breaks (T-Land and Bommie)
  • Local Government taxes
  • Unlimited spring water
  • Large Swimming Pool
  • WiFi internet (one hr per day)
The Waves


The T-Land is the main wave on Rote. It is one of the longest (600ft-1.200ft) and most perfect waves in Indonesia. Its quality and consistency allows you to surf from 2ft (0,5m) to 15ft (5m).

It has three sections with different levels of difficulty. It is often compared with G-Land but more accessible and maneuverable. Off-shore wind during the dry season make it one of Indo’s most consistent spots, with so many hours of surf, you will fulfill your dream of surfing just with your friends. T-Land Resort offers you the best location for accessing the wave. The resort and our boat are located in front of the reef channel that will take you to surf.


Located in the Nembrala bay this is a shorter and more intense right. It has a fast take-off and brakes on reef ending in a deep water canal. It is at its best at low tide but it can break at high tide with a swell. T-Land Resort offers you the best access to both T-Land and the Bommie via fast boat.


This right peak is 10 mints away by motorbike or similar, it can be reached by boat too. This is a powerful wave with a fast take off and a good tube section. It breaks at mid tide. It is best with mild wind, early in the morning and just after the sunset. It’s rare to find people riding it..


Suckies also know as Sucky Mamas or Peanuts, it´s 10 minutes by boat, located in Fedok Village. A short, intense and powerful right- hander. It’s a fun wave with good tubes, breaking at mid to high tide. You´ll hardly find anybody at this spot also.


Do’o is boat access only. It takes about 20 minutes from T-land resort. An uninhabited island with a hollow right, breaking off the end of a sharp, shallow coral reef. It breaks at mid tide. it’s best surfed with onshore wind at Nemberala. This is for the expert surfer only.


In the same area around Nemberala beach is Squillers, a safe and fun wave that’s perfect for beginners. A right and left breaking at mid to  high tide.


There are also other world-class waves, both lefts and rights. Depending on the direction of the sea and the wind we move along the coast to find the best conditions. Beaches with crystal-clear waters, white-sand islands stranded in the middle of the ocean… T-Land resort will take you to these hidden gems..


The Place

The Indonesian archipelago boasts the most beautiful waves in the world. But surfing destinations are often over-crowded as a result of their own success. Due to its independence from Eastern Timor in 2002, Rote has kept well away from tourism.

One of the most eastern Indonesian islands Rote is situated right in the core of the Lesser Sunda Islands just 500 km. away from Australia. Found in the middle of the ocean this small tropical island offers the visitor a paradisiacal landscape, perfect white-sand beach postcards, crystal-clear turquoise waters and stunning sunsets.

Rote, where time seems to have long stopped, represents that virgin beauty so difficult to find in a world of fast modernization. Rote’s local population converted to Christianity in the XVIII century. They live in huts with thatch roofs and bamboo walls. They are welcoming, kind and peaceful people who live of their land as well as fishing and harvesting seaweed. Ba’a, Rote’s capital, along with the rest of the island presents a palm-tree and coconut-tree landscape. Its huge extension of deserted beaches and its extraordinary sea life make Rote a unique destination where you can find neither western distractions nor car and bike noises. Thanks to the lack of light pollution we can watch a sky full of star every night. Local kids run up to the visitor to greed them with a loud “Hello”. Being in Rote is like watching out of a small window into the past.


The Rooms


Right by the shore-line in Nemberala we offer you our exclusive accommodation consisting of 4 bungalows, 8 rooms in total. All huts are built following the local arquitecture. They are hand-built by Indonesian artisans using local materials from Rote itself. The bungalow roofs are thatched (alang) and rest on coral-rock walls.

In order to avoid the inconveniences of walking from a tropical climate into an air-conditioned one, we have designed our rooms in such a way an ideal indoor temperature is sustained by using the sea breeze and the energy of fans.

The T-Land Resort is a collection of charming rooms with their own distinctive decor. To achieve this we have decorated them with Timor Style (antiques) and first-class Teak furniture. The bathrooms are outside and the terraces offer magnificent sea views.

The Food

Three meals a day are included


Day 1:
Transfer from airport

Day 2:
Wake early for breakfast
Find best break
Return for lunch…

Day 3: