The ‘Bucketlist’ destination. P-Pass is right at the top of a lot of surfers bucketlists, also known as the holy grail for some of the pro’s who have been there and after scoring one of those epic sessions you see in the magazines there have been calls and nods to ‘yep, this is the best wave on Earth’. It’s a spot all surfers should be making the pilgrimage to at least once in a lifetime.

 One of the best things about this area, is the fact that it pumps during the Australian summer so when your local beach is as flat as a lake or it’s resembling an overcrowded peak hour train, P-Pass is probably doing what you see in the photo’s here. It’s the perfect getaway to escape mediocrity and put yourself in absolute perfection.

The Pohnpei Surf Club is a unique set up, located on the lagoon just 10 minutes from the airport.  You’re guaranteed water views, and a peaceful stay, while still being centrally located with access to the local town and its fun bars, restaurants and marketplace.

Not only will you score mind numbing perfection at P Pass, but you’ll more than likely bag the fish of your life in the process. Along with brilliant fishing spots, the diving is also brilliant.  Big drop offs, reef passes and outer atolls offer you a very unique diving experience.  Pohnpei Surf Club is your ultimate summer escape.





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Price in AUD (per surfer, per 6 days)

  • Twin Share – $1,509
  • Private Room – $2,116
  • Non Surfer – $1,314

Package Inclusions:

  • A twin share room at PSC’s new ocean front hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfers to the offshore reefs
  • Fruit, water and snacks out on the boat trips
  • Island transport (conditions apply)
  • Use of snorkelling and basic fishing gear
  • Still hungry? Order more – it’s on us (no charge for extra meals at meal times)
  • 1 island tour per trip
  • 1 fishing tour per trip
  • Free WiFi
  • Your own private room (no sharing)
The Waves

Pohnpei is not always 8 to 10 ft with top to bottom barrels but those days do happen during the day.

On most days during the surf season the Pohnpei surf scene is comprised of around 20 laid back surfers on the whole island. During the off season you will be lucky to find someone to surf with at one of the off season spots or on an odd day at P-Pass.

Most swells that hit Pohnpei are from the north with size ranging from 2 to 6 feet. At this size P-Pass and most of the other waves in Pohnpei are for the intermediate to advance level. On a 2 to 3 ft day and a high tide P-Pass is a very easy and friendly wave to ride.

Ninety per cent of the waves surfed in Pohnpei are located on reef passes. The other waves are all located on bends on the barrier reef. Because there’s no way of checking these waves except by boat, and in most cases by leaving another perfect wave, these reef bends are hardly ever surfed.

There are no beach breaks or waves breaking close to the island in Pohnpei. All waves in Pohnpei break on the barrier reef and do require a boat ride.


It’s a perfect right hander. P-Pass is by far the number one wave in the region. Not only perfect but also works under most conditions. The predominant trade winds are always off shore or side shore.

Any swell from the NW to NE will make it work, with a straight north being the best for P-Pass. Too much E on the swell and it starts missing the pass (Palikir Pass faces a perfect NW and the wave still has to wrap around and into the pass). Too much W and the wave starts to close out on the inside. Most swells that hit Pohnpei during the surf season are from the north with small variations from the east and west which is the best direction for P-Pass. Most swells that hit Pohnpei in the winter range from 2 to 6 feet with occasional bigger days.

On most days it can be surfed at any tide and the reef is a lot more user friendly than Indo, Tahiti or Fiji. There is no reef walking unless you might have to retrieve your lost board on a really low tide day.

Under small conditions P-Pass is an easy wave for a novice surfer. Once it reaches 5 ft and up you enter a different level of surfing. Even at that size it is a easy and perfect wave to ride with a predictable take off and absolutely perfect wall and sections. P-Pass holds good all the way to 10 ft, and at this size or bigger, the wave will start doing a double up similar to Shipsterns in Tasmania

When the North Swells are on and the trades are blowing, P-Pass is the place to be. But if you happen to be in Pohnpei during the off season, early season, or one of those days where the weather and surf do strange things, there are other really perfect waves in Pohnpei, most of them hardly ever surfed (or even seen).  With around 12 reef passes, bends and corners all around the island, there has to be a few other good rides to be found on the right days.

North Side

The Surf Season on the north side of Pohnpei is from October through April with occasional swells in September and May.

Winds have a tendency to blow very light and variable from August through December. Trade winds will blow from December until around June or July.

Trades winds are offshore. During every winter there will be a time when the trades will blow stronger then suddenly dying out into perfect conditions for surfing. For most of the time you would not find a place on earth with such perfect wind conditions. P-Pass can handle trade winds unless they start blowing too strong or with a lot of north in it.

The Surf Club

The Pohnpei surf club operates from the most recent development in Pohnpei. Located just a 10 minute car ride from the airport, Pohnpei Surf Club has direct access to the water.  Complete with a dock for the boats, 5 lagoon-front rooms upstairs and 2 downstairs, office and full-service bar downstairs, and fast internet connection. The Surf Club is centrally located and within very short walking distance or quick car ride to numerous bars, restaurants, and markets, it’s the perfect location.

The Rooms

The double water front rooms come equipped with a waterfront balcony, TV, Air Conditioner, WIFI, and a beautiful view of the lagoon and mountains. This is the perfect option for surfers looking for comfortable, modern accommodations with full amenities on a world class surfing trip, or for couples seeking a unique, authentic experience in the Pacific Islands.