Macaronis Resort is remotely located on the beautiful island of North Pagai in the Southern Mentawai islands with prime access to the world class left hand pointbreak, Macaronis. Incredible surfing is only part of the draw to this pristine and beautiful part of the world. The ocean and jungle that surrounds the resort is rich with life, prime for exploring, fishing, snorkeling, and so much more. The resort is perfect for couples, families or that boys trip away you have been looking for.

With a fun right hand beach break out front which is ideal for beginners and several other intermediate reef breaks in the area, Macaronis resort is the perfect spot for the family or the mrs. who just wants a fun wave to learn on or something not to gnarly to surf, as well as a few other serious reef breaks that serve up the deepest, longest, hair raising barrels you could imagine. There is also a nice little white sand lagoon out-front for the stand up paddle boards for anyone who’s more into calmer waters.

One of the luxuries of the resort is you can view the barrels at Macaronis, 24 hrs a day, on their private live camera feed exclusively for the guests at Macaronis Resort. All you have to do is flip on your in-room flat screen to get a closer look at the conditions. There is a TV also at the bar & restaurant streaming Maccas live TV throughout the day, so you’ll never miss that moment it turned on as you check out the conditions while figuring out the perfect time for your next session at Maccas.

Luxury accommodation, delicious food, professional spa treatments and world class waves all in one of the best locations in the Mentawai Islands, giving you variety on your holiday and access to some of the best surf spots on the planet .







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all inclusive

Price in AUD (private room or shared w/ non surfer)

  •   8 Days / 9 Nights – $2,920
  • 11 Days/12 Nights – $4,209
  • 12 Days/13 Nights – $4,588
  • 15 Days/16 Nights – $5,839

Price in AUD (price per room shared with 2 x surfers)

    •   8 Days / 9 Nights – $2,654
    • 11 Days/12 Nights – $3,792
    • 12 Days/13 Nights – $4,171
    • 15 Days/16 Nights – $5,308


Package Inclusions:

  • World Class Waves
  • Waves for all Levels
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • Early Continental Breakfast
  • Hot Made to Order Breakfast
  • Plated lunch
  • Three Course Dinner or Buffet Dinner
  • Included Beverages – Drinking Water, Juice, Milk, Brewed coffee & Teas
  • Beautiful Beaches Out-front
  • Swimming Pool & Sunlounges
  • Siniai Spa & Massage ($20 for a 1hr massage)
  • Satellite TV Movies & Sports
  • WiFi Internet
  • Macas Live Surf Cam TV
  • A/C & Hot Water
  • Private Terraces
  • Beautiful Views
  • Full Bar (booze is extra)
  • Speed Boat Excursions
  • Snorkeling & Fishing Gear
  • Well Insulated for Comfort
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Surfboards Available for Rent
  • Laundry Service Available
  • Credit Card Facilities Available
  • Surf Photographer (at an extra cost)
  • Surf Videographer (at an extra cost)
The Waves


Macaronis, more commonly referred to as Macas, is a mechanical left-hander that has been described by many as being the most high performance wave in existence. In glassy or off-shore conditions 4 – 6 second barrels are manageable from the take off, while the inside section is a bit like a skaters half-pipe.

Macas is such a fun wave to surf even in onshore conditions, and is one of the few reef breaks in the world that continues to break well in all tides. Macas holds from 2 – 8 feet and technically doesn’t get any bigger than this; it just becomes more hollow and round.

Green Bush

Green bush is one of the most amazing waves to surf in the southern Mentawai region. Macas may be the most predictable and most fun wave to surf, while greenbush has become known as one of the most mesmerizing and hair raising. The tube is very open and on the correct swell direction all three sections link up and it is very make-able. Regular visitors class this wave as a true gem; it works on a solid south swell, big high tides and east – north west winds.

Macas right

Macas Right becomes a quality wave in a thick south swell with northerly winds and a medium to high tide. It is not surfed or photographed often and basically just sits in the background of Macaronis being the main focal point that people come to visit.

Macas Right is often at its best when Macaronis is also firing, and therefore it often gets ignored. So if you would like to surf on your own whilst staying at Macaronis Resort or just with a couple of others, be different, and go surf the right on a north wind and south swell & you will be surprised with what you find.

Mini Macas

Mini Macas breaks inside of Macaronis and is a perfect little left-hand peak ideal for those looking for something a little less heavy than Macaronis. The wave is best at high tide, and is generally empty. You can get dropped off at Mini Macas on the way out to Macaronins and easily flag down a boat ride in as well. You can even watch the waves up at Macaronis to get a feel for when the sets are about to arrive. Mini Macas is the most consistent when Macaronis is pumping.

Silabu Left

Silabu left can be surfed on all tides and is ideal for those seeking a mellower option with no crowds. It is an ideal wave for those just starting out surfing reef breaks, or for those who are looking to find their feet and build their confidence level.

Silabu is more protected from southerly wind than Macas and can remain off-shore in mornings for another hour or so if southerly winds are expected.

Bat Cave

Another option for those seeking a long mellow, uncrowded righthand wave is the bat cave.This wave breaks for a few hundred meters down the edge of a tiny deserted island that is also a great spot to have a swim or do some snorkeling.

Bat cave picks up a lot of swell, especially if there is a bit of westerly direction in it. The wave occasionally dishes up a little barrel and offers long racy walls, but generally it is a point break with sections; definitely need some paddling fitness when it gets bigger.

Rags Right

Rags Right is a non-stop tube from start to finish. At low tide forget it, unless you choose to surf the outside section, which can occasionally offer some alternative on a northerly wind. at high tide though, and on the right swell, Rag’s Right can offer perhaps some of the thickest, hollowest tubes in south Mentawai. The wave grinds down a section of reef that is famous for two coral heads situated at the kick out point, always in the back of a surfers mind while locked inside the tube.


Roxies is a fun right-hander that works best in W – SW swells. It is fairly consistent and very fun wave to surf, and when it gets bigger it also becomes a hollow barrel. Roxies is only 45 minutes to the south of Macaronis Resort, and we frequent this spot on occasions for those chasing after a right-hander. has been called ‘Macas in reverse’, due to the wave being a fun and perfectly peeling right.


Rednuht is a solid right-hander that breaks in deep water. The wave is not that long but barrels from take off and dishes up a good bit of adrenalin. This wave requires the right tides and swell direction to work, but when it’s on, it’s on. Ask the surf guides for the run down.

Fish Fingers

Fish fingers is the perfect wave for learning to surf. It is located right across the channel from the resort with a nice sandy bottom. It is a soft perfect little peak that peels left and right.

Learn to surf or teach the kids with the two soft-top 8ft learner boards available for use free of charge to take out to fish fingers. Ask management about lessons from the surf guides.

Rags Left

Rag’s left is a long barreling wave that turns on during large south-west swells. If you are lucky enough to catch Rags at 8 ft or bigger, don’t forget to shoot a photo of the lineup, it is an extraordinary sight, one that you are unlikely to see too often. Rags left is very dependent on swell direction, tide and wind, but when all of these factors fall into place, you could find yourself and just a few of your friends pulling into massive barrels.


Thunders is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawai’s and is surfable on all tides. Higher tides usually offer racy tube sections over a shallow inside reef shelf breaking close to the island, whilst lower tides offer a forceful shoulder further out the back. In smaller south swells the top section of the reef can turn on offering long hollow barrels. Generally Thunders is an excellent option in smaller long period swells and can handle crowds due to there being a number of take off spots


The Resort



Enjoy the comfort and privacy of a first class resort just a stones throw from one of the world’s best waves. There is a variety of fun activities for the family. In addition to incredible surfing, guests can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, snorkeling, and more right from the resort doorstep. You can expect that Maccas has your priorities covered, including those of the ladies and the kids also.

The resort has 16 guest suites catering to 20 surfers maximum and up to 32 guests. Non- surfer guests and beginner surfers always visit the resort at a discounted rate!

The newly refurbished three-story resort features all the modern conveniences you would expect at home, including a beautiful lagoon-style swimming pool and spa. The resort is situated on a clean salt-water lagoon with stunning ocean views and prime access for exploring in paradise.

Located on the ground level is the resort bar & restaurant with professional chefs serving 3 meals daily and a full bar serving a variety of beer, Australian imported wine and mixed drinks. The lower-level is also the community area with indoor and outdoor seating, lounge areas, ping-pong table, billiards, and other games. The large pool area has several seating areas, beautiful views, and sun lounges.

All guest Suites are on the second floor, elevated 8M above sea level with open veranda sea views, air-conditioning, hot water, WiFi, live surf camera broadcast, and satellite TV. Proper acoustic and thermal insulation through-out the building allows guests to sleep peacefully while others enjoy a late night drink.

The Rooms

There are a few room options at Macaronis Resort, you may choose the king bed configuration if you want to have your own private room which you may share with the mrs at no extra cost (that’s if you want to bring her along). There is also a twin share option if you want to share a room with a buddy or if you want to have an extra room for the kids to sleep in.


The Food


Three meals per day are included in the package and it goes something like this.


– Continental Breakfast & Toast Bar for a quick feed before an early

– Hot Made to Order Breakfast for when you get back from you morning session starving

– Hearty Plated Lunch

– Three Course Meal or Buffet Dinner


The following drinks are also included. Spring water, juice, milk, coffee & tea. All alcoholic beverages are at an extra cost from the bar


Day 1:

  – Airport Pick-up (Arrive PDG no later than 2:00pm on Tues or Sat)

  – Early Arrivals Spend Transit Time at Nice Padang Hotel w/ wifi & pool

  – Shuttle (w/ A/C) to Ambu Ambu Ferry, Bungus Harbor (1 hr)

  – Ambu Ambu Overnight Ferry (14hrs, Departs at 5:00pm)

  – Evening Meal & Water Bottle

  – A/C Sleeping Cabin w/ Clean Blankets (share w/ other resort guests or private, 2-4 max guests/cabin)

  – Resort Staff Accompaniment on the Overnight Ferry

  – Pick-up in Sikakap Port, Mentawai (7:30am the following morning)

  – Speedboat Transfer to Macaronis Resort (1:30 hr, Arriving 9:00am)

Day 2:
Wake early for breakfast
Find best break, get shacked
Return for lunch…

Go get shacked again, return for sunset brewskis, have a big feed, crash out.

Day 3:
Repeat for the rest of your stay at Macaronis Resort

Departure Day:

Check out time on Wednesdays and Sundays is at 10:00am. The speedboat will depart the resort at 2:00pm for transfer to the ferry in Sikakap. The ferry departs Sikakap at 5:00pm for its return to Padang. The ferry arrives back to Padang, the following morning at 7:00AM.

Guests with morning flights are transferred directly to the airport.  Guests with transit time before their flight are taken to Pangiran Beach Hotel to enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet for Rp.75.000 (approx. $7.50) and access to pool, wifi, shower and lounge. Their driver will schedule pick-up times with each guest for transfer to the airport.


The Schedule


Trips start on a Tuesday or a Saturday and run for a duration of

  • 08 Days / 9 Nights
  • 11 Days/12 Nights
  • 12 Days/13 Nights
  • 15 Days/16 Nights


Please refer to pricing above, select your preferred dates and your preferred trip duration in the booking enquiry page